Dev Note Fridays

Dev Note Fridays

As you all may of read in last weeks Dev Note Fridays, Puffer the Pufferfish has been suspended.

In the mean time we are continuing to evaluate a course of action to continue this project, being understaffed and not able to meet deadlines is a main focus of discussion as how we plan to compensate for this.

We are looking over all our options and taking aggressive measures to see these things through. Our company itself is well, but our project is in danger as the scope was meant for a small to mid size team.

One of our options is to work on a new project, an app of sorts to provide others with solutions to their needs. We are taking a focus to this area currently.

As we are software developers, web designers, musicians and artist we also can provide any number of these services to others. So we are currently looking into private clients to work with.

News and information is constantly coming in as we are being careful to delegate all our options.


Dev Note Fridays

Hello everyone, it that time again for another Dev Note Fridays.

For the most part, Puffer the Pufferfish has been a slowing project as we have hit several snags that as evidently caused some major set backs. Because of these setbacks, our original plans and set deadlines to reach certain goals are no longer valid.

This is quite unfortunate as it will take a great momentum to get rolling again. It is almost like Murphy’s Law, what ever can happen will happen. In our case it has been a series of events that has set us back. Our artist have left due to medical reasons, one of our main computers failed due to a power supply, and it is for these reasons and more that the project have taken quite a hit.

We are still very much a company and still very much adamant about our Project but things will be quite slow if not stagnant till we can re-evaluate the situation and put a new plan into action to finish this project.

The key to any good start up is that you do no incur any debt, our debts have been quite minimal, which is a good thing. As the saying goes, don’t quit your day job. Argus Computer Entertainment and Puffer the Pufferfish has been very much a project of itself and a huge undertaking. We are a quite small company, 5 at the most, which is nice as we normally can work together and quite quickly. But small teams have its disadvantages as well. Many of these disadvantages are when things go wrong.

An employee becomes ill, it becomes harder to replace them; a computer breaks down; now you are spending the funds to repair it; there are allot of things which makes small teams a really big chore and undertaking for anyone managing it or on it. Of course, many of the reasons for this to be such a large undertaking is due to how young our company is.

Argus Computer Entertainment is very much in the Seed phase where most seeding is coming from the three F’s, Family, Founders, and Friends. Again, why you don’t quit the day job. Our efforts have been to move from this stage and into the stage which will be to crowd fund our project. Though as we have hit a few snags this, at this time, isn’t viable, which is why we are looking at the alternatives.

We will, as always, keep you all posted on any changes and any updates to our project. We might have to suspend activities for a while till we can build our momentum again, at least with Puffer the Pufferfish.


Dev Note Fridays

The couple of weeks have been a trying time as we all here have been working diligently to finish up our final steps in finishing this milestone. We still have many ways to go before we can call it complete and progress has been slow at times.

This comes with the territory of being a small team as when your resources are stretched thin, it becomes harder to get work done.

With the Holidays coming up, so is the cold and the worst of it is flu and cold season, already a few others outside the team have fallen ill with head colds, lets hope the team doesn’t catch any of it.

We only have a few animation sets to finalize for the video part of the trailer video to be complete, then we move to the audio side. Our next milestone will be to try and kickstart our project then we will move to finish developing our game to fit multiple platforms.